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THIS IS AN EASY BOOK TO READ! ( It’s also for those with short attention spans.)

Letters to Clear the Air, and to Create Deeper Heart and Soul Connections

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THIS IS AN EASY BOOK TO READ! ( It’s also for those with short attention spans.)

This is an easy book to read because I wrote this book in the form of individual letters.

Some of the readers have told me they appreciate the letter format because the letters impact them on a much deeper emotional level. I was told the letters are easy to read and the message in each individual letter is clear and easy to understand. Although the letters are fictional, someone told me, because the letters are so true to everyday life experience, they are very believable and they leave a lasting impression. The book is easy to read also because of the wide range of subject matter. I wrote about everyday challenging life events and circumstances that people are actually living through.

The book has an overall spiritual theme that stresses the importance of turning within to connect with our God
given inner strength and wisdom to help us get through our life’s challenges. I decided to go straight to the heart of the matter by addressing some of the most personal, troubling, and emotional problems that plague today’s troubled society.

In the book you will find a letter that I wrote, from a mother’s perspective, to her pregnant teenage daughter. In the letter the mother’s objective is to help her daughter gain a higher spiritual perspective on the situation. And I feel very confident that the letter accomplishes this.

I also wrote a letter, from a mother’s perspective, to her teenage son, who is a gang member. The letter’s objective is
to create a spiritual level of understanding between the mother and her son. In the letter she tries to help her son understand the importance and the value of getting out of the gang. There is also a letter titled” To A Mother Who Lost Her Son In A Senseless Murder. You will find many letters in the book on the subject of Love. I address the pleasurable and the painful sides of love relationships. Infidelity and monogamy are just two of the topics that come to my mind right off the top.

There are letters in the book that will give you ideas on how to resolve conflict within your own interpersonal relationships. The book contains inspirational letters, letters to empower, letters of encouragement, and letters that can help you get through some difficult times. I have covered so many topics that I can’t remember them all, so feel free to brows through the table of contents to see if you can find something that might be meaningful to you or someone you know.

Jewell Sinclaire


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