Personal Letter: On Burning Your Bridges: Anatomy Of A Woman Scorned

Personal Letter: On Burning Your Bridges: Anatomy Of A Woman Scorned

I am so sorry that things did not work out between you and your new lady. I am sure that when you left me for her, it never occurred to you that things might not work out between you two.

As I recall, you were really into her, and I can’t help but remember how cold and unsympathetic you were to how I was feeling at that time.

As a matter of fact, I think you were totally convinced that she was the right one for you, which will probably explain why you found it so easy to walk away from me and what we had. To put it bluntly, you found someone else you wanted to be with, therefore you no longer had any use for me, and so you simply moved on.

But that was the past, and you probably don’t want to be reminded of that right now. What is important to you now, is to find someone who will be sympathetic to your feelings, someone who can feel your pain, some one who has gone through what you are going through, and I guess that would be me.

There is an old saying that goes something like this: “you should never burn your bridges, because you never know which ones you may need to cross back over.” And, as you attempt to cross back over the bridge leading to me, all I can say to you is this: you certainly do have my sympa thy,because I can see the same painful look on your face that you saw on mine when you walked away from me, so I know that you are really hurting right now.

But you really don’t need me right now, you actually need God. I know, because it was God to whom I turned
when you so easily walked away from me. And it is because of my connection with God that I hold no grudges against you now. It is also because of God that I am able to offer you my compassion.

So, trust me, just as soon as you turn to God and ask Him to ease your pain, you will be just fine. And when you learn to put your trust in Him, He will make sure that you will never ever allow anyone else to break your heart again, because you will be wise enough to never put anyone else before Him.

So, when God has helped you to get over her, give me a call, and maybe then, you and I will have some thing to talk about.

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