Personal Letter: A Higher Perspective On Racism

Personal Letter: A Higher Perspective On Racism

When God created the world, He added to its magnificence the beautiful gift of color, and He did this by using a variety of different colors. I guess this is why I don’t understand why you
are having so much difficulty accepting the color of my skin, just be cause He has made it a different color than yours.

When God gave us dominion over the earth, He also implanted within us the spiritual wisdom to honor the earth, ourselves, and each other. And only in this way will we honor Him.

But so far, only a small percentage of the people have awakened to this inner knowledge, and it is up to us to awaken others like yourself, who are still asleep. But, your first challenge is to get past the color of my skin.

Black and white just happen to be different sides of the same coin, and it was God who created the coin. No one side of the coin is better than the other.

As you begin to awaken to your inner wisdom, you will also begin to realize that we are all connected. We are all a part of each other, and we are all a part of the same God, the one and only God.

When God created us, He also created differences in the color of our skin, and it does not require a large degree of intelligence to know that these differences of color were not meant to be used as symbols of superiority.

All of us who are spiritually awake already know this, but it is up to us to awaken others like your self, so that you too will eventually come to know this. As you begin to awaken, you will also begin to realize that we are all individual cells living inside of the body of God. Your body is also made up of individual cells. Some of these cells are red and some of these cells are white.
Now, if the white blood cells start to feel superior to the red blood cells, or if the red blood cells start to believe that they are being overpowered by the white blood cells, and if for these reasons they start to attack each other, this would be quite detrimental to the over all health of your body. And this could quite possibly lead to cancer. We do ourselves, each other, and the body of God, in which we live and move and have our being, a tremendous amount of injustice, every time we accept or reject each other solely upon the differences in the color of our skin.
Please accept this personal and private letter from me with all of my love, because it is my love for you, my love for myself, and my love of God that gives me the incentive to try to wake you up. Hopefully, in time, you too will begin to feel God’s love from within. And when you do, you will know that each and every one of us, with all of our various skin colors, are all one with each other, and all one with God.

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