About the Artist

soul-to-soul-connectionBy the time Jewell Sinclaire was 21 years of age, her mother had died of cancer, her husband had been shot and killed on the street by an unknown assailant, and two weeks after she buried her husband she gave birth to her one and only son. Quite often, life tragedies such as these causes a person to retreat, to look for some kind of solace, some kind of refuge from all of the painful events that our lives can sometimes throw our way. In Jewell s case, it was all of the aforementioned life events that caused her to ask questions about the deeper meaning of life. And so, she was pushed back inside of herself, not realizing that it was there that she would eventually begin to find her answers.

For the past 25 years or so, spirituality and metaphysics have both played major roles in Jewell s life. It was through reading, meditation, attending spiritual classes, lectures and seminars, all of which stressed the importance of turning within, that she began to intuitively sense that she is a part of something greater. Jewell also began to realize that each and every one of us, in spite of our fears, insecurities and limitations, has his or her own personal divine connection with this Source. Strengthening her inner connection with this Source, this Life Force, God, if you will, has become the major theme in Jewell s life. And out of her desire to strengthen her inner connection with God, she also discovered that a book was lying dormant within her, waiting to be written. And because her book touches upon so many deep, moving and intimate issues about life, she was prompted from within to title the book: “Letters About Life.”

Jewel grew up in a small town near the San Francisco Bay Area. She currently resides in Oakland, California where she and her adult son, who is instrumental in her writing career, are working on various future projects. These projects include volume two and three of Letters About Life. She is also a songwriter. For thirty-two years Jewel was employed by one of the major telephone companies. While working in the communications field she held numerous positions such as Training Coordinator, where she was responsible for the training of new employees to various management positions. Although she has never pursued a college degree, she has attended various community colleges where she has taken courses in Psychology, Sociology, English Literature and Creative Writing. She is also developing her public speaking skills through Toastmasters International. For exceptional achievements in the Toastmasters International Communication Program, she has earned her Competent Communicator Certificate.

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