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The inability to understand or to control our emotions lies at the heart of all human conflict. It stands to reason that our inability to understand ourselves certainly makes it difficult to understand each other. This is precisely what makes this book so valuable. Cleverly written as personal and insightful letters, this author offers sound and sensible solutions to solve societal problems, as well as to resolve problems within our interpersonal relationships.


Jewell Sinclaire does this by helping us to realize the importance of re-establishing our own personal and divine connection with the comfort and protection of God’s love that lies deep within us. The author has left no stones unturned as she touches upon some of the most pressing problems that plague today’s troubled society: Crime, gang violence, drug addiction, teenage pregnancy, drunk driving, domestic violence, hand guns, child molestation, AIDS and much, much more is dealt with in this book. This book is unique. This book is timeless. Read it, you will treasure it. And you will find yourself referring to it time and time again. This book’s uniqueness intrigued me. I have never seen a book like this, which presents different perspectives in the form of personal letters between people. – Writers Digest

THIS IS AN EASY BOOK TO READ! ( It’s also for those with short attention spans.)